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Wondering what a perfect day of supplementation might look like? If you have your diet and workout all aligned, the last piece of the puzzle is simply making sure that you are using the proper products to help go that extra mile – to give you that edge that will get you the top-level results you desire.

With hundreds of different products out there, it can be trying to figure out which are worth investing in and which you should pass on.

Let’s walk you through what a perfect day of supplementation would look like so that you can figure out your game plan going forward.

Upon Waking

First thing in the morning, you’ll want to take any supplements that need to be taken on an empty stomach. They will be absorbed best during this point in the day, so you’ll maximize their benefits.  Getting the mind and body moving is going to be important, so we recommend AdvoCare’s Spark Drink hands down as the leading morning wake up drink.

Now is a great time for a multi-vitamin product such as AdvoCare’s MNS3. This product will provide you with a variety of nutrients that will ensure adequate nutrition is achieved while also giving you greater appetite control throughout the day.

Taking this now could help reduce your total calorie intake going forward.

Additionally, it also contains a mild dose of caffeine, which, when taken on an empty stomach, will hit you quickly and allow you to start your day off with the energy you need.

With Breakfast

For those who struggle to get their dietary fiber intake up, now is the perfect time to give yourself a dose. By eating more fiber with breakfast, you’ll control your blood glucose moving into the morning and the rest of the day, ensuring you maintain stabilized energy levels.

AdvoCare Fiber is a great choice. With 10 grams of fiber per serving, it’ll help keep you regular, help keep your cholesterol in check, and ensure that you aren’t suffering from those 10 A.M sugar cravings.

Pair this with a healthy source of protein and some complex carbs and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.


As the day progresses on, it’s time to tend to your gut health. Two excellent products you’ll want to get in with one of your meals are a good probiotics supplement such as Advocare Probiotic FastMelt or the AdvoGreens Greens Powder.

Both will provide a good dose of fiber as well and will help you build up the right level of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. These will help keep your immune system strong, while also ensuring that you experience the proper breakdown and digestion of the foods that you eat.

Most people do not take in enough healthy bacteria with their diets on a regular basis, therefore choosing a supplement to provide these is the most convenient and easy option.


It’s just about gym time and you’re already getting excited for what’s about to go down. Now is the perfect time for a quality pre-workout product. Arginine Extreme will help support optimal delivery of nutrients to the working muscle tissues and will also stimulate higher overall nitric oxide levels in the body.

This will help give you more energy, improve your muscle pumps, and may help you squeeze out that extra rep when you otherwise would have quit. It’s also a great product to use to help boost your endurance, which will allow you to go harder for longer while in the gym.

With this, you’ll also want to consider pre-workout formula that contains caffeine along creatine plus any additional energy boosters. This will help give you the extra energy and focus you need in the gym, really helping you put in an optimal performance.

Check out the AdvoCare Muscle Fuel product for a complete line-up of tried and true ingredients that won’t stop until your workout is complete.


The workout is done and you are feeling great about the effort you put in. Now it’s time to kick-start the repair and replenishment process.

AdvoCare Muscle Gain is perfect for this as it contains 25 grams of fast acting amino acids, which will get into the muscle tissues and go to work immediately, repairing and rebuilding the muscle tissues.

This product also contains added nutrients including vitamin C, calcium, as well as vitamin B6, which help to improve your energy after the workout and strengthen your immune system.

Muscle Gain is a perfect way to, as the name suggests, gain some additional lean muscle mass.

Along with that, you’ll also want to take a post workout recovery formula as well. AdvoCare’s product provides the right mix of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, along with key vitamins and minerals to jump-start the repair process, ensuring you are ready for your next workout in no time. This can be mixed with Muscle Gain for even better results or taken on its own if you are in a fat loss phase.

Before Bed

Finally, before turning in for bed, you’ll want to take something that will help with recovery during this critical overnight period. Your body will go into deep recovery during the hours ahead, so a few select ingredients can help you go a little further.

AdvoCare’s Nighttime Recovery formula contains a combination of herbal ingredients including Nettles extract leaf, Wild Yam extract, Ashwagandha extract, saw palmetto extract, maca root, as well as the nutrients, Niacin, Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper.

Together these will help you fall asleep faster and then get a deeper sleep once you are asleep. This will help speed the repair and rebuilding process, ensuring when you wake up, you’re ready to face another day – and another workout ahead.

So there you have your perfect day of supplementation. Remember that you may have your own unique needs and have additional supplements you want to add to this line-up, but on a very basic level, these products will ensure that you are fully covered and are ready to give your best effort in your fitness program.

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