The 24 Day Life Change – Tips for Amazing Results

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Ensure Success With Your 24 Day Jumpstart With These Tips

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About to get started with your 24 day fit Jumpstart? If so, you need to think carefully about your approach and ensure that you are doing everything possible to move forward in the most successful manner.  Whether you’ve done other challenges before or this is your very first time, it’s a must that you position yourself for success. And, with the following tips, you can do just that. The 24 Day Fit Jumpstart is set-up in a way that promotes maximum results. You’ll not only have the help of high quality products working in your favor, but the support of others as they work their way through the challenge as well. All of this bodes very well for your long-term results. But, what can you do to take your success even higher?  Let’s look at a few tips to keep in mind.

Get Acquainted With The Plan

First things first, as much as it may be tempting to just dive right into it as soon as your 24 Day Fit Jumpstart package arrives, resist this urge. Educate first. Familiarize yourself with all the products as well as what you need to be doing on the plan so that it’s crystal clear in your mind before you begin. This is the single best way to avoid making a critical error that could in fact cost you your success.

Plan Your Food For The Week

Ever heard the saying, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?’ Live by this mantra. Especially when it comes to nutrition, if you are not prepared with your meal plan, you’ll be highly likely to go off eating foods you shouldn’t. Every Sunday (or another day of the week that works well for you), sit down and think about what you will eat for each and every meal. Write that down. Now refer to this list any time throughout the week when you need to figure out what to eat. This is also beneficial as it’ll help guide you through the grocery shopping process as well.

Never Grocery Shop Hungry

Which brings us to our next tip – never grocery shopping hungry. If you walk into the store and your stomach is already rumbling, it’ll be highly likely that a box of cookies or tub of ice cream finds its way into your cart. And if then finds its way into your home, it’s only matter of time before the damage is done. Eat a light snack before you hit the grocery store so that you have maximum control over your food choices.

Take A Selfie!

There’s never been a better time for a selfie than the present! Get that camera out and take a few before and after shots. This is the best way to compare your progress and know exactly where you stand moving forward. Take these progress pictures once every week or two and you should start seeing changes taking place.

Prioritize Sleep

It’s normal to find yourself a little more tired while doing the 24 Day Fit Jumpstart as you will be taking in fewer calories than you normally would. Don’t sweat it. Instead, make a date with your bed and plan to spend at least 8, if not 9 hours there each night. The extra sleep will not only ensure that you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on your day, but it’s also great for ensuring that all the fat burning hormones in your body are optimized as well.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

In addition to paying attention to what you’re eating, you also need to think about what you’re drinking as well. It’s vital that you’re hydrating well during the day. Choose plain water as often as possible. It’s pure, natural, and calorie free – and will help ensure that you both look and feel your best.

One little trick we have found success in is to drink Advocare Rehydrate before bed.  Totally helps with waking up feeling less dehydrated as usual.

Partner Up

While at any given moment you can easily find others online doing the 24 Day Fit Jumpstart , it’s great if you know someone in real life who’s doing it with you. Ask a few of your friends or a family member to join you. Together, you two can be your own support system. During those hard days, having a friend there to help get you through can make all the difference in keeping you committed.

Don’t Rely On Coffee

It’s easy to down cup after cup of coffee each day. The problem with coffee however is that it isn’t a clean burning source of fuel. Sure, you might feel okay right off the start, but shortly after, you’ll be feeling miserable as you crash. Not to mention, all that coffee can do a number on your bone density as well as too much of this liquid can deplete bone calcium stores. Instead, try some Spark if you need added energy. At just 120 mg of caffeine per serving, it contains less than your average large cup of coffee and is also loaded with other natural vitamins and minerals designed to help keep your energy levels up.

Look At The Positives

Finally, each day when you wake up and prepare to get started, remember to think about how far you’ve come. Sometimes it can be easy to look at the mistakes you’re making or at how far you have to go and get a sense of hopelessness. Start focusing more on the positives. Think about all the good that you’ve achieved and how far you are now compared to when you first started. Remember, while the 24 Day Fit Jumpstart may only last 24 days, you should be focusing on building habits that will last a lifetime. By keeping the positives in mind, you can help improve your overall mindset, positioning yourself for success. So there you have some quick and easy tips to know and remember as you complete your 24 Day Fit Jumpstart. Be smart with your approach, keep your mind frame positive, and you can be well on your way to seeing maximum success.


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